ONE WEEK OF PAID VACATION after 52 weeks of service

TWO WEEKS OF PAID VACATION EVERY YEAR after 2 years of service

HEALTH INSURANCE PACKAGE up to $2080 per year or $40 per week, which can be spent on Health Ins. or Dental Ins. or reimbursement of expenses such as co-pays etc.

PROFIT SHARING and Retirement package consists of a Schwab employee self managed IRA, we will contribute up to $500 per year per employee. We shall match up to twenty five percent of what an employee puts into his or her Schwab employee self managed IRA, on an annual basis. We will contribute up to a maximum, $500 per year, per employee, based on the employees contributions.

EMPLOYEE LOAN BENEFITS include, employees are eligible to borrow up to $200 maximum, on an emergency basis. No other loans will be allowed until the prior loan has been paid back.

EMPLOYEE TOOL PURCHASES include, with there supervisors permission, may buy up to $200 maximum in tools on the company account. No other loans will be allowed until the prior loan has been paid back.

PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS We are currently looking for partners owners that would like to live in the St Augustine Area and the Daytona area and the Orlando area. Partners are eligible for moving costs and rent reimbursement for up to one year.

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PLEASE call direct to set up a meeting to review benefits programs or PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES, at 904-993-3433.

Management reserves the right to make changes and or cancel these policies from time to time. All benefits are reviewed on an annual basis and some are increased and some are removed and some remain the same.